Sunday, 4 March 2007

Sunday 4th March.
57.2 km task via three turn points to Tamworth…yes Tamworth, first time ever to have a task go into the town with the airspace open especially for us ( sat and Sun only). So they really pushed for it for the publicity etc despite it being an into wind task. Race to goal exit start gate started at 14.30. Window was open at 13.15. A very sweet climb to base in a 2-3m/s was pretty quick so it all got a bit congested waiting for the start.

Just after start, on glide over Manilla

In the distance the direction in which we were heading a Cu-nim was setting up just to he east of Tamworth. Once into the flats the climbs were so difficult and slow (the slowest day yet) with an inversion around 1100m, which took forever to get through, but eventually we through to around 2200m. The pilots had separated at this point into two distinct groups, heading in slightly different directions. I’m not sure of the results yet but I suspect that a lot of pilots decked it around this 1st T/P about 15km from the start.
At this point a managed to avoid a collision between two gliders by about 15m, when a woman flew into the top of another pilots wing in the congested thermal, she was freed quite quickly but her impact on his wing send him spinning with many line twist and eventually threw his washing and drifted past the power lines below and apparently is quite ok.
2nd T/P was another 24km upwind and was pretty slow but straight forward. At the T/P however pilots were super low Middy gravelling around 20m off the deck but managed to get away with it and make it most the way around the course just missing goal by about 544m. Thomas we never really saw much of through the day but landed at the end of speed section 1km from goal, both a very good effort as it was soooo hard. I decked it with around 25 others at around 15km from the goal. Bummer!!! It was nearly 6pm when I landed and still 30deg!! Thomas somehow ripped out a few lines from the attachments which he is currently fixing down at HQ.
The cu-nim eventually had a gust front once everyone was safe on the ground and driving home there were heaps more spotted all over the place. We are tired as it was around 4 hours in the sky traveling very slowly and was mentally draining.

On glide toward Cb beyond goal


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