Sunday, 4 March 2007

Day 8 : Task 3 : Sunday 4th

Day 8 : Task 3 : Sunday 4th : 57kms - Mt Borah to Tamworth.
The forecast was for isolated thunderstorms and variable winds ... another hard day for task setting. The winds on the balloon flight showed some NE-NW. A 57kms race task to Tamwoth City goal (in the middle of the Tamworth CTA !) was set via the special event airspace corridor. Most blue conditions and light climbs greeted the 150 pilots on course after the 14.30 start gate. A wall of Cu-Nimbs sat 150kms to the south all day long and kept pilots carefully watching the sky ahead. 13 pilots made goal and 15-20 were just short. Petra was in the top places again - she will now be leading the event after 3 tasks!Brian Webb's tracklog (Thanks Brian!)

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